I am many things

Atypical architect: technical education, creative mind.

Ambitious and stubborn toward what really interest me, completely offish if I feel I'm wasting time and energy with something that doesn't engage me.

Gemini, first seign of air: unsettled, in continous movement, easily bored.

Light attitude on the outside, deeply sensitive on the inside.

I am not many things:

Not a person who want all people to like me, or at least not anymore. 

Not always strong, often melancholy helps me to be more productive and curious about life.

Not narrow minded, I support diversity and I'm alway proactive to change my mind when worth it.

Never satisfied, which leads me to live my life always projected towards the future, enjoying little on the present (btw yoga is helping).

©2019 by Martina Mellogno. 

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